Over the years we’ve been lucky to collect a lot of artwork through trade and good old-fashioned friend prices, but we know what it’s like to feel like collecting art is out of reach. 

Collaborating with our friends, their friends, and their friends of friends to meet the goal of availability and affordability, Worthwhisland utilizes expanded edition sizes and alternative reproduction methods, without compromising the artist’s hand.

We don’t want to circumvent the gallery system or change the nature of art collecting, we want to be your gateway drug.  Our objective is to bring friend pricing to you. 

Established in 2011, Worthwhisland is an often mispronounced and altogether made-up word.  Founded by Jason Frank Rothenberg and Alexis Schimberg, respectively a photographer and former gallerist, it’s a place to find worthwhile things.

All items on the site are exclusive to Worthwhisland.
Please contact alexis@worthwhisland.com to inquire about special projects or commissions from any of our artists.

  ** At this time Worthwhisland does not accept unsolicited submissions.


We’ve set up some framing options on the site, and selected the finishes we’d use ourselves. If you require UV glazing, or prefer a different color, shoot us an email and we’ll hook you up provided your request is within reason.

Why are the frames expensive?

As a general rule, proper framing doesn’t come cheap, and there aren’t high quality alternatives. We’ve got a big stash of unframed work as evidence. These frames are totally custom – We want our collaborators to make the work they choose, and we don’t impose sizing restrictions. This means the frames have to be cut to size.

Why do you use Plexi if it costs more?

It’s how we frame the art in our home.
Plexi offers more stability and security, which makes us confident the work will arrive safely to your door, and stay that way in the future.

Email us with any questions!