03 / 29 / 2012

Things have been a little quiet around here, but we've been in production mode, and changes are finally afoot!

- We are psyched to announce a new edition from painter (and ceramicist and rug maker) Meghan Petras.
This is our most ambitious and first wall-ready piece. Continued updates and photos to follow.  Imminent release in April.

- Framing is coming! You'll no longer have to email your requests!
(But in the interim, please do if you've got any pressing needs for your wall).

- And finally, we're overhauling our blog.
It sucks, we know. Not easy to navigate, and more than a little light on content.
The focus was always on the art; we're the first to admit that we haven't been sure about the right fit for blog content, but we're hard at work now.
Studio visits, and yes - worthwhile things - are ahead.