Christmas Wish List: The Food Obsessed Art Lover

12 / 05 / 2011

Here at Worthwhisland HQ we're usually discussing dinner options before lunch is finished, so we are fully qualified to help you stock up on gifts for your art lovin foodies.

Lucky Peach - Who doesn't love this quarterly from McSweeneys, David Chang and Peter Meehan? The latest issue has a nice piece by Gary Panter, and Anthony Bourdain is always in there somewhere. Good for aspiring chefs, patrons of the arts, foodies and stoners.

Michael Van Horne, Baloney Post-It Sandwich - Need we say more?

Permanent Food - the Guggenheim is closed on Christmas, but the Maurizio Cattelan fun doesn't have to stop. More art than food, but it ages like a fine wine!